Hexa Puzzle Game

Hexa Puzzle Sort - The Number Sorting Game

Hexa Puzzle is simple number sorting game in which serveral tiles are generated and shuffled. Player arranges all the tiles in original position and proceed to next level. Difficulty of levels increase with number of tiles and hurdles in it.

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Game rating: 5 11
Ring Game

Ring - Wireloop Game

Ring is a 2D wireloop game with neon look. In the game player moves the circle by dragging up and down to avoid ring to touch the line. Movement speed keeps increasing which makes difficulty level increased by time.

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Game rating: 4.8 8
Rush Drive | Sylphbox Games

Rush Drive - Traffic Racing Game

Rush drive is a 2D endless racing game. Select the car and start racing with traffic vehicles.

With increasing number of active users of this game we will keep updating the game time to time and adding new features in the game. Started from a simple endless narrow road and single car, this game now has many cars and road designs. And will keep extending by increasing number of users.

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Game rating: 4.8 35
Doodle Color Wheel

Doodle Color Wheel

Doodle Color Wheel is game for reflex testing. A wheel with different segments appears on the screen and a needle start rotating in it. Player gets the points by tapping the screen when needle is on the matching color.

Game rating: 4.9 8
Follow Lights

Follow Lights

Follow lights is a short term memory boosting game. In this game couple of lights blink on the screen and player interacts with those lights by tapping them in the same sequence, in which they blinked before. Lighting up each object will increase the score. Faster the tapping speed, more the score will increase.

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Game rating: 4.9 34